Skapaskolan 2019 | Performace Week
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Performace Week

—Live updates every few minutes— Refresh your browser to follow this feed

Day4: Fri.12.May 2017

12:43 – Final video of the week! Thanks for watching.

11:27 – Just putting together a ’THANK YOU’ video now. I will upload to our facebook and Youtube accounts when complete. Thanks, Andy.

11:25 – Our final video is from Ida, Nellie and Vera! Well done to all the students…. Be sure to check out ALL the videos on Youtube.

11:20 – Here is a video from Max S and Aron (ÅK5)

10:50 – Thanks to FSK for a fun morning… enjoy the videos everyone!

10:48 – Blåsippan

10:46 – Really nice!

10:28 – I have 2 more videos from FSK which I will upload before 11:00. Then at 11:20 there are the last two videos of the week from ÅK5.

10:28 – Moa, Hilma, Ines, Adriana singing ’Wild Child’!

10:27 – ZLATAN!

10:25 – Teater

10:15 – Its Woddeliattcha time!

10:04 – Next we have Adam…

10:01 – A big thank you to the wonderful FSK class teaching team of Tina, Chris and Ornina

09:57 – Hello FSK! (Our youngest year group at Skapaskolan). Here is the first video

08:34 – Good morning! Today we will have videos from FSK and ÅK5. The first videos will be released at around 10:00 this morning. /Andy

Day3: Thurs.11.May 2017

14:39 – Wow… Fantastic afternoon with ÅK4. More live streaming than I thought… but it worked really well. Tomorrow we have videos from ÅK5 and FSK. I will be back tomorrow morning with a plan for the day. Enjoy the videos. Andyc

14:12 – The others are coming later! Now I will train with ÅK4 music group… A live stream on Instagram at around 14:30! See you there. Andy

14:11 – #12

14:10 – #11

14:09 – #10

14:09 – #9

14:08 – #8

14:07 – #7

14:06 – #6

14:05 – #5

14:04 – #4

14:03 – #3

14:02 – #2

14:01 – Video 1:

13:58 – We hope that you enjoyed the live streams on Instagram. Now I will release 13 videos! Then its over to a final LIVE STREAM of the day at around 14:30.

12:58 – Head over toInstagram now everyone 🙂

12:56 – Here is the schedule for this afternoon everyone!

13:00 – Instagram Live Stream – Häster

13:20 – Instagram Live Stream – Märta

13:30 -Instagram Live Stream – Karla

13:40 -Instagram Live Stream – Rita

13:50 -Instagram Live Stream – Release of videos on Youtube

14:30 – Live Music 

12:30 – The teachers of ÅK4…. Daniel, Mats and Mattias have done a fantastic job with Performance week with the students. We will have live streaming via our Instagram account at 13:00! Be sure to head over and watch.

12:29 – We are back! I will get the first videos live in the next 20 minutes! 13 videos from ÅK4 today and 2 from ÅK5… Should be fun!

07:21 – ÅK4 are off swimming this morning so we have decided to delay the release of the videos until they are back in school. So the first release will be around 12:30 today. Some students will also be LIVE STREAMING this afternoon on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. I will check back in at around 12:00 will more information on the afternoon. Have a good morning! / Andy

07:19 – Good morning everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, our plans for Wednesday were changed by the weather 🙁 But we are back with ÅK4/5 today!

Day2: Tues.9.May 2017

13:13 – So tomorrow was going to be LIVE STREAMING FROM SPORTS DAY…. but we had to cancel it due to bad weather 🙁 So… Lets see how tomorrow goes, I will try and do some live streaming via Facebook / Instagram. Stay tuned and remember to share the videos with you friends and family… Its fun to share positive things… right! 🙂 Andy

13:12 – Final video of the day…. Its Andrew (filmed by Allan). Super drawing!

13:10 – Its time for some football skills everyone….

13:06 – Now its over to Leah in the gym!

13:04 – Simon, Nikola and Taha’s video is next.

13:02 – Now over to Simon for a baking video! Yum.

12:56 – Here we go. Welcome to ÅK3! Here is Victor 🙂

12:42 – Get ready for the first video from ÅK3…. going live at 13:00! Victor created a rock song…. yeah… (I got to play guitar! fun!)

12:28 – All the videos are ready from ÅK3. While you are waiting why not meet the terrific ÅK3 teachers… we have Ann, Jonas and Alexander. What a team! 🙂

11:24 – I’ll be back around 13:00 with 6 videos from Åk3… Its going to be fun. Meanwhile why not head over to our Youtube channel and check out the videos from ’Performance Week’ 

11:20 – Its been a fun morning of sharing videos from ÅK2! Now they are live for all to see and enjoy. Big thanks to Helén, Ulrika and Nina for making this so fun for the students!

11:16 – Its time for a BOOOOOOOM with Simon, Benjamin and Alexander!

11:12 – Now Robyn shares his video about Skapaskolan 🙂

11:09 – Nils sharing what he loves about his school… love the robots 🙂

11:06 – Here is a fun challenge!

11:02 – Here is Maria’s film sharing what she likes about Skapaskolan.

10:58 – Ok… So now I have a few more films from Åk2 ready to go. Lets see if I can get them all live in the next 30 minutes! We start with ’Arm Challenge’ 🙂

10:05 – We have another 6 films for you from Åk2… I will get them uploaded and see if I can get them live by 12:00. In the meantime, scroll down and take a look at the wonderful videos from this morning and yesterday 😉

10:04 – Final film… for now… is this cool experiment.

10:03 – Super film by Nils, Arda and Christian.

10:01 – Another Ice bucket challenge! (Hope that water was warm).

10:00 – A magic video with your host Erik….

09:58 – They are coming fast now. Wow… so many videos Åk2!

09:57 – Johanna shows us the clever AirZPA!

09:55 – This videos really fun… love the voices.

09:50 – Dance! Dance! Dance!

09:45 – Emre, Simon and Alexander have created this film about the animals >>>

09:39 – ’Den Brinnande Skogen’ – These videos are all linked a project about animals in Sweden that the students have been working with over the last few weeks… a wonderful way to learn! 🙂

09:33 – Its time for a film about animals! These students in ÅK2 are so hi-tech… amazing to see what they have produced.

09:28 – Ice Bucket Challenge! (Looks very cold! Brrrrrr).

09:24 – Erik, Elias and Nelson have made this cool video!

09:18 – Over to Oscar V and Ozan for a great film.

09:13 – There is a problem with the party…. Lets see what happens.

09:08 – Next up with have Magic with Vincent and Erik

09:04 – An amazing class song!!

09:00 – Welcome!

08:58 – Minutes away now! Just preparing the ’welcome video’!

08:34 – 18 videos from Åk2 this morning! The first video will be a class song ’Vi i vår klass’… at around 09:00.

07:55 – While you are waiting for the first video… I’d like to introduce you to the class teachers of Åk2. We have the fantastic Ulrika, Helén and Nina!

07:53 – A big Skapaskolan ’thank you’ for all your likes and shares of yesterdays videos, its really great to share positive things with the world!

07:50 – Good morning! We have videos from Åk2 this morning and then from around 12:30 we have videos from Åk3! Yeah!!

The first video of the day will go live at 09:00 🙂

Day1: Mon.8.May 2017

15:07 – Tomorrow we have ÅK2 in the morning and then ÅK3 in the afternoon. See you then.

14:15 – Thats the final videos of the day up and online!

14:13 – Five!

14:10 – four…

14:08 – three…

14:05 – two…

14:10 – one…

13:59 – 5 more videos to go… I’ll get them ready as quick as I can 🙂

13:45 – Next 4!

13:37 – Next 4!


13:33 – Im trying to work quick so the students can see ALL the videos before the end of the day! 🙂

13:20 – Yeah!

13:15 – Next 4 videos nearly ready…..

13:02 – Its music video time!


12:51 – I am planning to release the music videos for åk1 in groups of 4 students this afternoon. The background of the project is that students were asked to create ’happy/fun’ music in Garageband. The students then imported the music into iMovie where they created a video to the music using movies or pictures. The finished iMovies are then transferred to Googledrive via Airdrop.

A musical, media and technology project all rolled into one.

12:17 – Time for lunch. See you at 13:00! Remember to watch, enjoy, share and comment. /Andy

12:15 – Lets do it. Final video of the morning. ITS MAGIC TIME 🙂

12:09 – One more video before lunch… and its ’magical’! After lunch its time for 21 music videos. All created by students in Åk1… wow.

12:06 – Here is a really nice video with singing and dancing!

11:52 – ’Likes’ and ’shares’ starting to happen on Facebook 🙂 Remember we also have Twitter and Instagram

11:49 – Anyone good at the ’rubiks kub’? These students are! Wow!

11:43 – Three more videos to come before lunch. Remember you can share the videos with friends and family. Its fun to share positive things!

11:41 – A big ’YEAH’ to our fantastic sports teacher Angelica for helping the students. We have a sports day on Wednesday (Hoping for good weather!).

11:31 – Two gymnastics videos produced by Åk1 at Skapaskolan now! Enjoy

11:19 – Gymnastics coming up next! two videos…

11:09 – Last summer Daniel Weiland and friends converted one of the old out-buildings at Skapaskolan into an indoor skate park for the students. Here is a video that students in ÅK1 created.

11:05 – I’m back… with coffee! If I make any mistakes, with any of the videos (it will happen) or you’d like to share your thoughts, you can email me directly at:

10:50 – My eyes are going fuzzy…. need to take a break from this screen 😉 Next videos coming in 15 minutes. Feel free to send your positive feedback to our students via twitter or facebook. /Andy

10:42 – Two wonderful videos for you all now!! We have a garageband film (music making app) and a Breakdance film… yeah!

10:15 – Next we have a cool little dance video for you… produced by Tira and Saga (Åk1).

10:13 – Thats a fun way to start the week! Just preparing another dance video.. it will be live soon 😉

10:00 – Video 1 is LIVE!

09:05 – Just preparing the videos for the day. We’ll have 10 videos released this morning and then 21 (YES, TWENTY ONE!) music videos this afternoon… Wow, ÅK1 have been busy!

07:53 – Good morning everyone. Just a quick post to let you know that todays videos will be from the students of ÅK1. I aim to release videos steadily throughout the day, every 30 minutes or so. The first video will go live around 10:00 today.

Frida and Johanna are the wonderful class teachers for Åk1, with assistance from Fadi and Lena.

Post1: Fri.5.May 2017

My names Andy, I’ll be your host for this years performance week at Skapaskolan!

Performance week is all about sharing our students work with the wider world via videos and live streaming. These videos have been created by students as part of lessons and cover a wide range of topics and subjects.


The fun begins on Monday at 09:00 when I’ll be uploading videos focused on the years groups ’FSK’ and ’ÅK1’ (Our youngest students). I have had a sneak peak at some of the videos and they are amazing!


Monday – FSK / ÅK1

Tuesday – ÅK2 / ÅK3

Wednesday – Sports day (I am hoping to do some live streaming via facebook)

Thursday – ÅK4-7

Friday – Live Streaming Day (I’ll be roaming the school throughout the day and live streaming various activities!)


Have a great weekend and I look forward to beginning our adventure on Monday.

Heres a little ’warm up video’ 😉



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